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Pancrete and V570

Have a rusty cooler/AC unit?

  • Resurfaces vertical HVAC surfaces
  • Avoid expensive replacement due to structure failure and corrosion
  • Paintable and designed to work in conjunction with Pancrete
  • Permanent, two-part epoxy-like resurfacer
  • Colored white for cleaning and aesthetic purposes

More Services

Duct Sealant / Coating Service
Exhaust Fan / Vent cleaning
Air Filters
Dryer Vent Repair
Swamp Cooler Start Up / Shut Off and Cleaning
AHU Fiberglass Lined Removal / Replacement
VAV Boxes

Lint-Alert System

LintAlert! warns of venting problems before they become a danger.

An innovative digital pressure sensor and programmable integrated circuit determine  when the dryer is on and what pressure levels exist in the exhaust. As lint builds up over time and restricts air flow, the Blockage indicator progressively illuminates. By installing LintAlert, you can protect your home and family.

Regular inspections and maintenance of the clothes dryer exhaust is highly recommended by all dryer manufacturers. For the security minded homeowner, the LintAlert provides a means to determine if and when your dryer’s exhaust is blocked.

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